27th Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Won

On Sunday, July 13th one fortunate punter was able to trigger the 27th Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot. This jackpot being progressive based allowed for this player to win $817,171. This jackpot win has come at a perfect time as Marvel’s upcoming film “Ant-Man” is being released on Friday, July 17th.


Unfortunately none of the details regarding this jackpot win have been made available through Playtech as of right now. What is known is that this progressive was won on the X-Men slot developed by Playtech. There is no word as to who this winning player is, that information more than likely won’t be released as players have the chance to opt out of revealing their true identity. This is common when large amounts of money are won. Playtech is the only developer which still holds its license to offer Marvel themed video slots. All other developers who created a slot based around one of the Marvel super hero properties have had to remove it from their platform. This progressive is won every few months, the largest one being $1,365,801 which was won back in 2011 at Titan Casino.

Those who wish to have the chance to try to trigger this progressive at another casino can do so through any casino boasting the Playtech platform. There is an array of different super hero themed slots designed by Playtech including the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and many others. Punters will be required to register an account via a valid payment method before playing one of these games at a Playtech based casino.