$303, 098 Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Triggered

Marvel is the largest comic book superhero company in the world. They have hundreds of different comics that span the range of more than six decades. Throughout the years key characters such as Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Professor X, Magneto and many more have been created. Marvel has a series of film franchises they create films for on a bi-yearly basis. Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and makes knew movies for that particular franchise every two years whereas Fox owns the rights to X-Men and creates multiple movies for X-Men fans.”


Today a player fortunate enough to be playing the X-Men video slot developed by Playtech for Marvel triggered the Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot while betting $2.00 per spin. This marks the first time that this progressive jackpot has been triggered in two weeks, this is incredible as the punter won $303,098 which is a large amount of be won within a two week period of time. Normally this jackpot is triggered every ten weeks and pays out $734,912 to punters.

Playtech hasn’t revealed any of the details relating towards this jackpot win. This doesn’t come as a surprise as this jackpot was only triggered three hours ago, our tracker indicator allowed for us to know how much the punter won and how much they were betting. We will inform you on all updates released regarding this Marvel Ultimate Power Progressive Jackpot win. Signing up with a casino that offers the Playtech gambling platform will allow for you to play each one of the Marvel based video slots.