Blade Slot Review

Blade Slot GameBlade is a 5 reel, 9 payline video slot game that has been developed by Cryptologic. The game has a scatter symbol, free spins bonus, wild symbol and a maximum jackpot that is worth up to $40,000. Cryptologic’s adaptation of the Blade comic book and movie is absolutely beautiful. You truly feel as if you are in the world of Blade and that you are about to experience the full world of Blade.

When you enter this game you will be notice the creepy vampire culture instantly. You will see crosses, steel spikes for when you have to kill a vampire and the famous spinning blades that Blade uses to fight against these vampires. You will also see automatic guns that have silver bullets with garlic on the tips of them.

Slot Features:

Blade is the wild symbol himself and he will replace all the other symbols in the game in order to give the players more of an opportunity to win a huge amount of money through more winning combinations.

This game also comes with a really cool free spins feature that will allow you to save yourself some money while playing. If you land on the Vampire logo on any of the five reels you will trigger this feature. You will be rewarded with five free spins but this feature also causes the entire third reel to be filled with the Blade slot symbol. This means more winning combinations for you.

You will have the ability to wager anywhere from one penny to as much as five dollars per spin. This allows for low rolling and mid-range rolling slot players to fully enjoy Blade the slot game.

The very best thing about Blade is that you have the ability to win a progressive jackpot. The thing about progressive jackpots is that they are completely random due to a random number generator. Every play has the equal opportunity to win the progressive jackpot which is absolutely incredible.

The Low Down on this Game:

Blade is by far one of the best, scariest and thrilling branded slot games we have ever seen. If you truly love the Marvel Universe, if you love to gamble or you just want to win some money then Blade the slot game is the game for you.