Massive Jackpot Triggered at Sky Vegas

Sky Vegas is an online casino which often holds claims to some of the largest progressive jackpot wins won on a monthly basis throughout the industry. This month yet another player was able to win one of these large progressives while playing “Sky Millions”. This fortunate punter was able to win £2,389,933.


Sky Millions for those whom don’t know is yet another exclusive slot offered at Sky Vegas. It’s a variant of the NYX Interactive slot “Millionaire’s Club”. This jackpot’s progressive begins at £175,000 and grows from that in a short period of time. Sky Millions is developed as a 5 reel, 9 payline video slot based on a millionaire’s lifestyle. Punters will see lavish palm trees, an expansive ocean and a bright blue sky within the background. The reels on the other hand shall showcase gold based, poker suited icons, a cruise boat, a bottle of wine and so much more. This’ll make all feel as if they’ve already become a millionaire.”

Scott Smith, the NYC Chief Product Officer commented on this surprising win saying, “We’re delighted that this brand new slot has already had its first progressive jackpot win. We’re honoured to work alongside one of the most honourable casinos in the market and we can only hope that this variant of
Millionaire’s Club continues to excite Sky Vegas fans for a long time to come.”

Anyone wishing to experience this title today only has to sign up with Sky Vegas, doing so requires for you to be located in one of their regions such as the United Kingdom. Hundreds of games will be at player’s disposal once done so.

Amazonia Released by WinADay Casino

Amazonia is the latest title to be released by WinADay Casino. This famed online casino announced this penny slot only hours ago, it’s now available on the casino to be played and allows for players to roam through the jungle, exploring for large wins.

WinADay Casino

Amazonia has been designed as a 5 reel, 14 payline penny slot. The jungle theme is evident from the moment this game is loaded with a dense forest lying behind the reels & paylines. Feature wise there are wilds, multipliers, free spins and scatters. The maximum bet that can be wagered is $3.50 while the minimum bet is seven cents. This game thus by appeals to a range of punters instead of just a specific group of players.

Amazonia can now be played via desktop and mobile devices. Those whom wish to play this title will be pleased to know that through December 12th to 15th there will be a match bonus to all who play. This will be a 45% match bonus that is able to be accessed by using the code “8FREEBIE”.

WinADay casino isn’t your normal operator. They provide over thirty exclusive slots as well as seventeen penny slots, six video poker games, roulette games and keno games. Those are only the titles they’ve developed, that doesn’t include the hundreds of others they offer via other developers. All that it takes to play at this casino is be located in a geographically friendly region, register an account and deposit into your casino account to access Amazonia.

Marvel’s Progressive Triggered for Second Time

Progressive based video slots are the most popular online. Any slot that still supports the progressive platform has a higher player activity than normal slots and the simple reason for that is because those who gamble online want to win a life altering amount of money. Well fortunately one punter was able to do that winning while playing Blade, a marvel themed video slot. This punter triggered €123,984 on the Marvel Ultimate Power Progressive.


Blade for those who don’t know is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot based around the movie of the same name. Wesley Snipes famous vampire killing hunter appears in this slot on the regular as do knives, bullets, themed poker icons, female vampires, guns and so much more. There are also the inclusion of wilds, scatters, free spins and a bonus round. This’ll only better the winning opportunities given to punters.

Unfortunately the majority of the details regarding this jackpot win have yet to be released to the public. We can confirm that this is the thirty second time that this progressive on Blade has been triggered in its history. Playtech, the developers behind these Marvel themed slots have been able to help define the lives of more than thirty two people. This is also the second time that this progressive has been triggered within a period of three days. This is the fastest time that the Marvel Progressive has even been triggered. Player activity on these marvel themed slots is also at an all-time high for 2015 thanks to these progressive jackpot wins.

The Marvel series of slots can be found with most casinos that offer the Playtech software. Playtech is a leading developer of internet based gaming software and include a portfolio of over 400 games with new releases being regular additions. These include slots, table games, special arcade games, video poker and various others.

$960,333 Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Triggered

One fortunate punter has been able to trigger a life altering amount of money when playing the Playtech designed video slot “X-Men”. This punter was playing this slot when they triggered the Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot, winning $960,333 in the process. This is one of the larger progressives to be triggered through this multi-slot progressive.

Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot

We’re still awaiting for all of the details pertaining towards this jackpot win. This is the 30th time that this progressive has been won since it was released back in October 2010. The largest win to ever be triggered through this multi-slot based progressive was $1,365,801 while the regular amount won is $737,971. This means that whomever this winning punter might be they’ve triggered the second largest amount ever won in this progressive.

X-Men is a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot consisting of all of the beloved X-Men characters such as Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Juggernaut and many others. There are a variety of features like wilds, free spins, scatters and more available to be won. There is also four different progressives connected to this slot. There’s the Ultimate Power Progressive, Extra Power Progressive, Super Power Progressive and Power Progressive. Each one providing large jackpot wins.

There is also an array of different games connected to the Marvel Ultimate Power Progressive. Those slots include Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, The Avengers and more. Regardless of which slot you play under this progressive an incredible gambling experience & potentially life altering wins await whomever decides to register with a Playtech based casino.

Coral Launches Merlin’s Magic Respins

Merlin’s Magic Respins is a video slot that has provided thousands of online punters with exciting wins & gambling experiences. It seems that this NYX Gaming video slot will continue to do so as it was revealed by UK gambling giant Coral Gaming.


Merlin’s Magic Respins has a lot of history behind it. This game stands as a sequel to “Merlin’s Magic Millions”. It was originally developed by NextGen Gaming, a subsidiary company of NYX. This game was then provided through the NYX OGS Platform, allowing for Coral to snatch up on this slot. This game will now be available at all of the Coral retail shops located around the United Kingdom as well as located in their online shops. This’ll send this game to a new level of popularity that it has never seen before.

Mark Kemp, the Director at Coral Gaming commented on this games release stating, “Our aim at Coral Gaming is to have slots such as Merlin’s Magic Respins available throughout our retail shops. This’ll give land based players the chance to experience the same high quality gambling that online punters receive. We are making this more of a reality through the NYX Gaming Group. We’ll be using the Coral Multi-Channel Wallet Connect System in order to have the progressive jackpot in this slot network based.

Coral is clearly looking to blend in the online gambling & land based gambling with one another. This is their first true venture in doing so and analysts believe that’ll it’ll sky rocket Coral’s player activity.

Millionaire Genie Jackpot Awarded at 888 Casino

Random Logic Gaming has developed a number of slots that have changed the lives of dozens of gamblers around the globe. The latest slot to allow for one of these changes is Millionaire Genie, one fortunate player was able to win $2,027,877 while playing this video slot at 888 Casino.

Random Logic Gaming

This progressive jackpot tends to increase at a rapid rate, it has allowed for multiple people to have their lives changed forever. Unfortunately none the details pertaining towards this jackpot win have yet to be revealed by 888 Casino or Random Logic Gaming. This is more than likely due to the fact that the winning punter wishes to remain anonymous. This is the eighth time that this progressive jackpot has been won since this slot was released back in 2010. This progressive jackpot is triggered when players bet the maximum of three coins and land on three of the genie symbols at the same time. On average this slot will pay out a progressive worth $2,664,117 but it seems that this player wasn’t able to reach that amount. The largest amount to be won since this game was released is $5,194,130 which was triggered earlier on this year.

Those wishing to gain the opportunity of triggering this progressive jackpot only have to sign up a player account with either 888 Casino or another casino licensed by Random Logic. This progressive will surely rise by a significant amount in a short period of time, giving yet another player the opportunity for a changed life.

27th Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Won

On Sunday, July 13th one fortunate punter was able to trigger the 27th Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot. This jackpot being progressive based allowed for this player to win $817,171. This jackpot win has come at a perfect time as Marvel’s upcoming film “Ant-Man” is being released on Friday, July 17th.


Unfortunately none of the details regarding this jackpot win have been made available through Playtech as of right now. What is known is that this progressive was won on the X-Men slot developed by Playtech. There is no word as to who this winning player is, that information more than likely won’t be released as players have the chance to opt out of revealing their true identity. This is common when large amounts of money are won. Playtech is the only developer which still holds its license to offer Marvel themed video slots. All other developers who created a slot based around one of the Marvel super hero properties have had to remove it from their platform. This progressive is won every few months, the largest one being $1,365,801 which was won back in 2011 at Titan Casino.

Those who wish to have the chance to try to trigger this progressive at another casino can do so through any casino boasting the Playtech platform. There is an array of different super hero themed slots designed by Playtech including the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and many others. Punters will be required to register an account via a valid payment method before playing one of these games at a Playtech based casino.

Thunderstruck Becomes First Smart Watch Slot

Thunderstruck is by far one of the more notable & beloved video slots designed by Microgaming. Hundreds of progressives have been won through this slot & Thor himself through this game has impacted the lives of four times that amount. Today it was revealed that this slot will become the first ever compatible smart watch slot through Royal Vegas Casino. This announcement has shocked many in the online gambling market as this is an entirely new variant of the mobile market.

Thunderstruck Watch Slot

At this time, Royal Vegas Casino has revealed that this video slot is currently only available to be played on Android based smart watched and required that the watch be tethered to either the player’s smartphone or tablet. This watch isn’t running the game itself but it only acting as a second screen. This technology has also yet to be accepted by Microgaming but it’s expected that if this method of gambling becomes remotely popular the world largest online developer will be the first to support it.

Royal Vegas Casino released a statement explaining as to how this version of mobile gambling is working, essentially saying that as of right now it is only possibly on Android and could not be done through Apple until they support it through the Apple Watch. Those wishing to try this new method of gambling can do so by signing up an account with Royal Vegas Casino, downloading the mobile application, then tethering your mobile device to your smart watch and following this by opening the casino on your mobile.

$31,118 Triggered At Royal Panda Casino

Royal Panda Casino

A fortunate gambler by the name of Joakim was able to trigger a set of large wins after he had a lucky streak while playing “The Wish Master”, “Big Chef” and “Gonzo’s Quest” at Royal Panda Casino. Often those who trigger life altering amounts of money do so through a progressive jackpot, showing just how lucky and fortunate this online gambler truly was on May 24th, 2015.

The largest win that occurred for Joakim was while he was playing the Net Entertainment developed video slot “The Wish Master” where he was able to win $18,039. After he won this large amount of cash he decided it was best to switch it on over the Big Chef, another slot designed by Net Ent where he was able to win $7,328 and finally while playing Gonzo’s Quest before his night was over he was able to win another $3,998.

Joakim noted that the entire time he was playing each one of these slots he was able better $15 to $20 per spin which allowed him to reap in the benefits of certain features such as multipliers or wilds. There is no word as to what Joakim plans on doing with his new found earnings, that amount is a yearly wage for a large portion of the world. It’s rumored that he’ll be taking a cross country vacation in his homeland on Europe.

This wasn’t the last time that this punter played after his big win either. On Monday, the day after his big wins he went off to play “Lucky Angler” where he triggered another $15,221.

Mega Fortune Progressive Won At LeoVegas

Earlier on this week it was revealed that a fortune player was able to win to win an impressive jackpot win worth €3,279,165. Unfortunately at the time we were unaware as to who triggered this progressive or where it was won. Luckily today that information was released by Net Entertainment & LeoVegas.

Net Entertainment Logo

We now know that the player who took this progressive is located in Sweden and has opted out from revealing his name to the public. It was also noted that this punter was playing Mega Fortune Dreams on his mobile tablet & was wagering €1.50 per spin. On an even luckier note this punter didn’t even deposit the money he won this progressive with, he won his playing money from a free tournament he had played earlier on in the week. This means that every single Euro that he won is complete profile for him or her to enjoy. This is the power that online gambling has to offer to those who wish to experience it.

LeoVegas made a short blog regarding this progressive saying, “This is the largest life changing win we’ve ever had at LeoVegas”. Those wishing to try their luck at winning the Mega Fortune Dreams progressive or Mega Fortune progressive can do just that by finding a casino which suits your needs with the Net Entertainment platform. There are dozens upon dozens of games you’ll be able to choose from, giving you an expansive & exciting gambling experience from the comfort of your PC, Mobile Phone or Mobile Tablet.