Full Tilt Poker Players Receiving Their Payments

Earlier on this week the PPA (Poker Players Alliance) reveled to the United States of American that the department of justice just approved the release of $82 Million dollars to thirty thousand poker players. This is due to the Full Tilt Poker Funds being seized by the DOJ. This now means thousand of poker players will be able to receive their payments and enjoy the money they won.

The release of this information came from a tweet made by the PPA and the PPA’s Executive Director also backed up the tweet by saying, “Players who have undisputed claims towards their money being seized by the federal government will now be able to receive their money. You’ll find out how to receive your payments when you receive an email from the Garden City Group within the upcoming weeks. The Department of Justice couldn’t provide me with all of the information on how the money has become available to the players who won it. The deadline for all the payments to be paid is March 31st.” You won’t receive your payments till the beginning of March. When you go to receive your money from the garden group you’ll have to provide them with all of your player information so that they may be confirmed that you are the player who won.

When more updates come out on this massive payout we will keep you informed on all the new information released.