Holland Casinos being monitored by Dutch Gaming Authority

The Dutch Gaming Authority announced today that they will be monitoring and applying Holland casinos with stricter rules. This is to ensure that Holland Casino don’t increase the risk of illegal gambling/problem gambling within the country of Holland.

The reason for this is because the Holland Casino Group has been going through a series of financial issues due to its being put into a receivership with its bank. The Dutch Gaming Authority fears that the group will try to push for revenue which can lead to the risk of illegal gambling and therefore believe that the monitoring of the casino is in order to protect against this for many reasons.

The monitoring increase of surveillance towards the Holland Casino Group will come with a series of detailed reports. The Holland casino group is supposed to send these detailed reports to its regulator on a regular basis. There will also be unannounced inspections from the Holland Authorities and this will allow for the DGA to be informed of any illegal activity what so ever that may occur in the casino or by individuals at the casino.

The Dutch Government is considering legalizing online gambling in their country. This would allow for the Holland Casino Group to gain an increase in profits but none the less they will still be watched by the DGA. That is not a bad thing and will only go far to prove that online gaming is just as safe as any other form of gambling.