Louisiana Gaming Officials Suspect An Online Gambling Bill To Be Introduced

The Chairman for the Louisiana Gambling Control Board announced to the Times-Picayune Newspaper that they plan and suspect that a new online gambling bill will be introduced this year. This new bill would allow for online gambling to become legal in Louisiana on a state level. This shows that other states within the USA are starting to recognize the power that online gambling has, the potential good it can do for the state.

Ronnie Jones, the Chairman for the LGCB told the newspaper the following, “I suspect that a new bill for online gambling will be introduced but as of right now I cannot confirm anything pertaining towards the release of this new gambling bill.”

Continuing along with his interview Mr. Jones said, “The gambling board has no control over online gambling being legal in Louisiana. We don’t disagree with online gambling and we don’t agree with it. This legislation will consist of various rules that would allow for online gambling in Louisiana to be unique compared to other states such as New Jersey or Denmark.”

This new bill for legal online gambling in the famous state would cancel out the 1997 law that allowed for online gambling to be illegal. In 2013 the politicians for Louisiana took the time to place in a measure that would allow for the necessary essentials of online gambling to be put in place. Louisiana is aware of the positives that the online gambling market could bring to their state.”