Marvel Branded Slots Not Doomed

It was revealed a couple of months ago that the Marvel based video slots developed by Playtech could be doomed and that they more than likely would be pulled from Playtech. The reason for this is because Marvel was purchased by Disney a couple of years back, as a family company Disney has never truly promoted gambling in their films or in real life. For a long period of time they were considering pulling their Marvel based slots from all casinos that offer the game. Fortunately for fans of these Marvel based Playtech slots they won’t be doomed anytime soon, instead they will be getting an improvement which will allow for the games to boast new visuals and gameplay features.

Playtech logo

Disney revealed that they will be upgrading each one of their slots that Playtech currently offers. They will have to recreate each one of the games from scratch but still have the same design but with better visuals. Disney also revealed alongside the CEO of Marvel that new Marvel based video slots would be developed. Characters such as the Green Goblin, Venom, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Quicksilver, Magneto and many more will be getting their own video slots in the future.

This shocked industry insiders as for the longest period of time these Marvel slots were doomed for extinction. Luckily for everyone Disney has been taking a more serious approach these last few years, opting out for them to allow for these slots to continue and for new ones to be developed.