Marvel Super Power Jackpot

Marvel is a brand name recognized in almost every home across Northern America, Europe & Asia. The reason for this is because they make comic movies that provide an out of this world viewing experience. Iron Man 2 is one of their more popular films and this film also has a video slot counterpart called by the same name. One fortunate punter from Canada was able to win an impressive amount of money while playing the Iron Man 2 Slot, this punter was able to take home $63,158.

marvel jackpot

This winning punter only made a $100 deposit, choosing to wager a minimum of $5 per spin. Lucky for this player this progressive jackpot win was taken on October 30th, this is an incredible Halloween for anyone. Unfortunately no information regarding the name of this winning punter has been revealed as of right now, there was a short statement released by the winning punter though.

The statement reads as follows, “It’s an incredible thought to know that you have won this much money. It’s like a massive amount of weight has been lifted off of my soldiers for now. I’m currently planning a trip with my entire family on a top of the line cruise. I can only thank Fly Vegas and Playtech for giving me this opportunity for without them I would of never played this slot and triggered this jackpot.”

Clearly this man is humbled by the thought of winning this money and is very grateful for his win. Will inform you if any new information is revealed regarding this win.