New Promotion Offered By Party Poker For FTP Punters

Party Poker New Jersey, a licensed poker room in New Jersey announced that they are offering a new promotion for New Jersey punters. They will give those who previously played with Full Tilt Poker an extra 25% match bonus. In order to receive this bonus you must first prove that you have received your payment from the U.S Federal Government.

For those of you who don’t know on April 4th, 2011 the United States Federal Government shut down several online poker rooms with one of those poker rooms being Full Tilt Poker. They were able to seize $300 Million dollars in funds with $85 million being owed out to online punters. Earlier on this month the US Government announced that they will begin to process the funds back to the players who won them. This is why Party Poker is offering this new promotion.

This is one of the more unique promotions to be seen in the online gambling market. This new promotion is one of the ways that Party Poker will be able to gain new players at their poker room. Party Poker is one of the few poker rooms that has been able to survive the war against online gambling and that is why they can provide you with a bonus such as this one.

Players who do give proof that they received their money from the Federal Government will receive this three level bonus. The bonus works like this, if you were to deposit $75 you would receive $10 that can be played with tournaments and regular casino games. You’d also be rewarded with $5 for cash poker games.