Scientific Games Purchases Bally Technologies

Information that sent waves of shock throughout the online gambling market was revealed earlier on last week. It was announced that Scientific Games will be purchasing Bally Technologies in the upcoming future for a total of $5.1 Billion. This will be one of the largest buyouts in online gambling history and it’s all owed to the buyout Scientific Games made with WMS earlier on this year. Both of these powerhouse developers combined their efforts in order develop better casino games, make more money and thus by purchase Bally Technologies. This means that they’ll no longer just operate in the online/mobile gambling industry but they’ll also operate in the land based gambling industry as well.

Scientific Games

This is the second large buyout to occur this month as earlier on this month IGT (International Game Technology) purchased the Italian Lottery Company “GTech” for a total of $6.4 Billion. Though Scientific Games purchasing Bally Technologies for $5.1 Billion is one of the largest buyouts in online gambling history the $6.4 Billion buyout of GTech is by far the largest in record history.

Clearly Scientific Games has been making serious moves into the slot aspect of online, mobile & land based gambling. Back in 2013 they purchased WMS Industries for $1.5 Billion. Scientific Games now stands as one of the largest names in the industry.

“In our view, this deal could mark the culmination of substantially all the mega-deals in the space,” Credit Suisse gaming analyst Joel Simkins said. “While there are still a handful of relevant domestic-international players, they may have to start thinking about future options.”