Slot 21 Progressive Jackpot

Earlier on during this month a punter playing at WinADay Casino was able to win a progressive jackpot that will forever change her life. The winning player was spinning the reels on “Slot 21”, a classic video slot that resembles a land based slot machine. She was able to win $226,053 while only wagering slightly above five dollars per spin.
The fortunate player to win this $226,053 is Sacha K who resides from Germany. This is the fifth time that a progressive jackpot has been won through WinADay’s proprietary video slots. It is also the largest proprietary jackpot to be won at WinADay casino as of right now.

WinADay Casino

While speaking to a series of reporters at the WinADay offices, Sasha stated the following: “I’ve never ever been this lucky before. I’ve won some small prizes in the past but never this big. I only gamble occasionally so it was a huge surprise. We haven’t decided what to do with the money yet — we’re still trying to actually believe that we won! We know we did as it was confirmed by the casino, but it’s just so unbelievable. We have been talking about all sorts of investments. One thing we know is we won’t be spending it all at once.”