Snapchat to Be Integrated With Betfairs Marketing Efforts

Betfair, one of the well known betting groups in the UK online gambling market announced that they will be integrating their betting services with the famous social media service Snapchat. They will use their new integration of Snapchat to better players odds on the Crystal Palace/Manchester United and Chelsea/Everton football matches.

The promotion offered by Betfair works in a unique way. Punters will have to follow the official Snapchat profile for Betfair. The online betting group will then push a Snapchat to their follows which will offer them enhanced double odds, allowing for a maximum £10 to be wagered.
You better be careful when you read the Snapchat you receive from Betfair as the social messaging service only allows for their users to see a message for a couple of seconds before it is gone forever. You can screenshot the image depending on what type of mobile device you use.

Mark Ody, the marketing manager for Betfair commented on the new marketing approach their initiating saying, “Snapchat is one of the new social media services available for the younger generation and it is quickly become one of the fastest social media platforms in their industry. We are positive that this new marketing approach will allow for us to bring in dozens upon dozens of new players as well as making our loyal fans happy. This new marketing approach has the potential to be profitable for our business as well as the players.”