Ubisoft Brings Far Cry 4 And Assassins Creed Unity To E3 2014

Ubisoft, one of the key developers and video game published within the industry announced that they will be showcasing footage from two of their new games. These games include Far Cry 4, which was recently announced this month and Assassins Creed Unity, which has been known for the better part of six months. Both of these new games are open world, boasting new visuals due to the graphical capabilities that the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have.

ubisoft logo

Far Cry 4 is set in a new location, this location being designed around the Himalayas. Players will be able to use Batman like gadgets throughout the game, using a grapple gun to get from the ground to a vantage point high in the mountains or using special throwing knives to take down your enemies. Regardless of which one of the special gadgets you use you’ll be rewarded with an incredible gaming experience that betters itself from the previous installment in the franchise.

Assassins Creed Unity on the other hand is the first Assassins Creed to be on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Ubisoft created an entire new engine for Unity, allowing for visuals never before seen in a video game. Every small detail that we take for granted in the real world and then complain about in video games because those details aren’t there is available in Assassins Creed Unity. This in return makes for one of the best experiences known in an open world game.

Both of these games will be released during the 2014 Holiday Season.