United States Citizens still love online gambling

Online internet gambling is still a gray area in the United States of America. Certain states have chosen to make online gambling legal, going against the federal government. These new online casinos within these legal gambling states are in the top ten most visited websites list every day. This is going by the ComScore Media Metrix statistics.
The study by ComScore Media Metrix group reports that in August and September gambling websites were among the top ten most visited websites in all of the United States of America. This shows that online gambling is still active and loved by many citizens in the USA.

When online gambling was made illegal in the United States of America many people revolted against the government saying that they only banned online gambling so that in the future they may tax everyone to their fullest extent. States such as Delaware and New Jersey have decided to take the stand against the federal government and make online gambling illegal. The tax is minimal as well meaning everyone can once again enjoy gambling in these states. The federal government hasn’t taking any action as of yet but like always we will keep you updated on all the events of this news story.