Wolverine Slot Review

Wolverine Slot Game

Wolverine is one hero you do not want to mess with unless it happens to be in this slot game! Cryptologic offers 25 paylines in Wolverine and adds some wilds, free games, scatters, three progressive jackpots and a bonus game feature. That is some serious crime fighting hero action and with advanced graphics being included you have all you need to pit your will against the evil doer’s.

Wolverine is one who is able to turn on his super powers in an instant. When Wolverine uses those mighty claws against his enemies they feel his raw animal power as the claws tear into their flesh. While extending his claws hurts Wolverine his chemistry allows those wounds to heel almost right away. This is one of the more popular heroes under Marvel Comics and has also been made into a successful movie franchise as well.

You shall find Wolverine items like a backpack, boots, compass, Wolverine’s claws, identification tags, x-ray of skull, Jean Gray and Wolverine suit. There is some really nice quality in the overall designs of the characters and they are what you would expect to see in a slot named after this iconic comic book hero. All standard options relative to game controls can be found and betting begins at $0.01 and concludes at $5 per line.

The Wolverine will be the acting wild symbol. This shall match all but the Sabretooth symbol. It also will allow for coin wins based on the amount of wilds that can appear on a payline. This will pay up to 3,000 coins with five of the wilds, 500 coins with four of the wilds and 150 coins with three of the wilds. A coin win of ten will be paid if only two wolverines appear on a payline that is active.

Slot Features:

The Sabretooth will play two important roles in Wolverine. First it shall act as a scatter and will award scatter wins once two or more Sabretooth symbols appear. The maximum scatter award is equal to one times what was wagered. If three or more of the Sabretooth symbols appear then the Wolverine versus Sabretooth bonus game will be triggered. This feature will have you choosing an attack style to use against Sabretooth. Once chosen up to five attacks will be awarded. For each attack that is successful you will be awarded a cash prize and an additional prize if Sabretooth is finished off after all attacks are completed.

There are three marvel series jackpots included that all players have the chance to win. Where this is advantageous is that all wagers placed in this slot count towards the building of the jackpots and the ability to trigger one of the jackpots. Whether a wager is small or large does not dictate if a jackpot will be triggered.

The Low down on this game:

There are some really strong graphics in use in Wolverine, especially during the fight sequences. This adds value to the game and when you toss in three jackpots that can be won you have a winning slot game!