X-Men Slot Review


X-Men Slot GameX-Men is one of the slots you will find under the Marvel slot category. This slot has been created by Cryptologic and offers 5 reels with 9 paylines. X-Men is a progressive slot that incorporates a wild symbol and scatter symbol into the reels as well as a bonus round feature.
X-Men is one of the most popular of the Marvel slots and is based on the infamous comic book. The X-Men include Wolverine, Gambit, Captain America, NightCrawler, Mystique, Storm, Manchu, Xavier, Sabretooth and a few others. There are only character symbols used in this slot which makes it an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an exciting slot.

A nice feature to this slot is it is a progressive slot. The progressive is not one that requires a specific bet but is random. That means that anyone who plays it has an equal chance at winning one of the three hero jackpots that are offered. The smallest coin size is $0.05 and the largest is $5.00 providing you a betting range as low as $0.45 to as much as $45. You may only play a single coin per line in this slot. The controls used for the game have all been placed underneath the reels and offers toggles for increase or decreasing of the lines and coin sizes.

Slot Features:

X-Men offers you a wild symbol to help in your efforts against all things evil. Xavier is the wild and will act as a substitute to other symbols. Not only will it perform the role of a wild but it shall payout coin wins should more than one appear on a winning payline. This can be as much as 7,500 if all five happen to appear on the same payline.

The scatter is another feature to X-Men. It has several purposes. The first is to award payouts based on the number of scatters appearing but it also will trigger the bonus round when three appear in on any of the 15 available reel positions. The most that can be awarded by the scatter is a win of one hundred times that wagered amount.

The bonus game will show four locations on a map. Your job in this mission is to select one of the X-Men to go to each of the four locations on the map. Once the X-Men arrive at their selected locations an opponent shall be revealed. At that point each of the X-Men will try to defeat their respective opponents with each X-Men having a life meter. If the X-Men defeat their opponents you will win a large cash prize based on how much is remaining in the respective life meters. If you lose then a consolation prize is awarded.

The Low down on this game:

X-Men offers a solid performing video progressive slot which includes added features in addition to the progressive jackpots. Add the graphics and overall game quality and you are set for an slot adventure like no other.